This is the volleyball home of Micheal Hall Photography, a Sacramento, California based studio which travels the nation photographing youth volleyball.

More than 10 years ago, we had the happy accident of "discovering" volleyball as photographers. We were immediately taken with this fast paced, energetic and spirited game. The team spirit, the comraderie, the cheers, the energy and the support of parents and coaches all increased our love of the sport. Since then, we have become known around the nation for our expressive volleyball photography which combines the best of our portrait work, with peak action, genuine emotion and beautiful retouching.

For six months of the year, we travel the nation photographing club volleyball at tournaments large and small. Parents and players have come to look for our booth with onsite viewers and are always excited to see themselves in one of our large banner prints or sample collages.

Due to the large size of most tournaments, our photography is provided by request. Interested parents sign up in advance or at a tournament to have their athlete photographed. Then, right there at the tournament, they can view the photographs we have taken, make their selections, design collages and generally have a great time!

The following sections will give you more information about our services, how to sign up, what we offer and even how to photograph for us (it's not for everyone).

Volleyball has been a wonderful way for us to meet families and over the years we have photographed many Senior portraits of volleyball players, a few weddings and even a few children of former players. We look forward to many more years of volleyball action, as wells as portraits, weddings and children!


With more than 10 years experience photographing club, highschool and college volleyball, we've got quite the collection of images (we admit it, we're hoarders.)

Understandably, families often want to see samples of our work prior to signing up so that they can get an idea of what we are capable of producing. (Or they just want to see pretty pictures!) Our galleries are broken up into sections to make them a bit easier to navigate.

Requesting Photographs

Due to the sheer size of club volleyball tournaments, our photography is by request only. At (or prior to) a tournament, interested parents or athletes can sign up to be photographed. Photography requests allow us to concentrate our resources where they are most needed - with families who are interested in our services. Additionally, this helps us keep our overhead and prices low, while delivering on quality that we've been told time and again no other photographers have been able to match.

To sign up we need contact information we can use to reach you during the tournament, team and athlete information, court and play schedule - all of the data necessary to being able to put a photographer courtside and capture the images you are looking for.

We've compiled a list of the most common request related questions. Have a look. If you still have questions after looking through the FAQ, shoot us off an email at: volleyball@michealhallphotography.com.

Club & Team Pictures

In addition to our tournament action photography, we are also club and team photographers. As with our action photography, we put all of our portrait experience and technique to use when we photograph teams. More than simple snapshots, we want to create actual portraits for you to enjoy. All of our team portraits are beautifully lit and retouched.

For indoor work, we can either setup a portable studio or highlight features of the location itself (a sports field, a college stadium, a nice gymnasium, etc.). Weather permitting, we are just as happy working outdoors as in.

We work with many clubs, high schools and colleges in the Sacramento area and are willing to travel wherever we are needed. If you run a club or coach a high school or college team in need of photographs, please be sure to get in touch! volleyball@michealhallphotography.com

Our Event Services

When we say we travel to volleyball tournaments around the country and setup a booth, we really mean it! Depending on the size of the tournament, our booth may be as small as nine viewing computers, or as large as 50.

We've designed our booth to promote the easiest, fastest service possible. Our viewing and ordering software is custom designed and written just for us. Each one of our 50 stations has full capabilities for signing up for pictures, viewing images and selecting favorites, ordering images, designing collages. etc. This provides us with great capabilities for helping many people at a time, reducing wait times.

The image to the left shows a small portion of our 50 viewer booth setup, helping the very last customer after a large tournament in Reno, Nevada. If you are organizing an event and think we would be a good fit, or would like to discuss our services, please get in touch: volleyball@michealhallphotography.com or 916.344.8512